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Teacher workshop October 2021—What do teachers think about this project?

Dr Peter Ellerton on 'What is critical thinking?'

Teacher reviews of our workshops

“Teachers are starved with regard to professional development. It is so rare to have an experience like this one. This is the best PD I have ever attended.”

— Classroom Teacher, United States node of the Aspiring Thinker’s Network

“As a beginning teacher, this has been the biggest possible gift I could ask for. The content, all of it, will be invaluable to me for the duration of my career. I would recommend that if ever any person (no matter how long they have been teaching) was starting to feel flat or disengaged in their role as a teacher, then they should sign up to this program.“

— Beginning Teacher, Brisbane

“Excellent delivery. Thoroughly engaging through use of practical examples that made me question my current practice. Well-paced, plenty of information, lots to think about. Content and delivery were excellent. Left me wanting more.”

— Queensland State School Curriculum Leader


All our facilitators are experienced teachers and engaged in Masters or PhD Research programs at the University of Queensland Critical Thinking Project.

Facilitators act as mentors for network members and deliver masterclasses in argumentation, writing and thinking, school leadership, critical thinking virtue development, action research and curiosity and questioning.

Professional workshops

We offer a range of professional learning opportunities including:

Foundational Workshops

The foundational workshop is a two-day event that challenges and extends teacher conceptions of what it means to teach for thinking across all subject areas and year levels.


Our masterclasses are delivered by facilitators who are both teachers and researchers. Masterclass topics include

  • Argumentation

  • Thinking and Writing

  • Leading pedagogical change

  • Developing thinking virtues

  • Creating curious classrooms

  • Action research

Shared practice days

Our shared practice days brings teachers together to showcase, discuss and think deeply about their practice.