About us

Thinking Schools

Thinking Schools is a professional learning network made possible by the University of Queensland Critical Thinking Project (UQCTP) and IMPACT Centre. Drawing on the leading experts from the (UQCTP) and excellence and innovation at the IMPACT Centre. Thinking Schools is a collaborative network and professional learning partnership required to lead teaching for thinking at your school.

Thinking schools support schools to:

  • Improve pedagogical practices by shifting the focus from knowledge to inquiry, working collaboratively and providing a language of feedback on thinking.

  • Enhance curriculum delivery by planning for student thinking and aligning cognitive verbs and 21st century skills across P-10 learning areas/general capabilities and Year 11-12 subjects.

  • Develop expert teaching teams by sharing best practice within your school team and collaborating across the Thinking Schools network.

Thinking School PartnersGlen Watt, Director of the IMPACT Centre with Professor Deb Brown and Dr Peter Ellerton from the University of Queensland Critical Thinking Project (UQCTP).

Our Partners

Critical Thinking Project

The University of Queensland Critical Thinking Project (UQCTP) is a comprehensive curriculum and engagement program for the development and deployment of Critical Thinking Pedagogies.

The UQCTP actively assists teachers in embedding critical and creative thinking in disciplinary context, shifting the focus of education from the dissemination of accumulated knowledge to more autonomous and critically engaged learning.

The UQCTP also works in partnership with educators, schools, families, communities, and institutions to improve access at university and academic success among students from disadvantaged backgrounds.



The IMPACT Centre is a unit of the Queensland Department of Education whose mission is to inspire minds, connect communities, and transform education through the application of technology and digital pedagogy. Since its inception in 2012, the UQCTP joined the IMPACT Centre to deliver online extension courses in Critical Thinking and professional development modules to school teachers. This joint effort gave shape to the Aspiring Thinkers Network, through which teachers and school leaders are introduced to the UQCTP pedagogy and become part of a learning community of educators.